Monday, June 17, 2013

11 Months!!

A bit belated (it's been a busy past few weeks) but the 11 month mark came and went! At 11 months Noah was an expert 'cruiser'- still not walking unassisted (though he has done it, so we know he can). He loves to climb, flip upside down, and is starting to show a penchant for some of the more stereotypical 'boy' toys, like cars and trucks. I find this pretty funny since we don't really have many- most of our toys are unisex. He also loves electronics of any sort (not a shocker, I think all babies these days are obsessed with iPhones, iPads and anything else that lights up). Noah is also still toothless... but he can gum even the hardest of food like a boss!

We were back in the US for this milestone (another blog post on our trip home to follow) so we didn't get to use our usual chair!

Olivia so kindly helped me with the photo shoot

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