Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

As most everyone who would read this blog knows, we decided to stay in Switzerland this Christmas since it was our last living here. While we naturally missed getting to see everyone, we selfishly had to admit it was nice not having to do any traveling for the holiday. Because we stayed local, we got to get a Christmas tree for the first time since leaving the US, we finally got to go to the Christmas markets in Vienna (more on that in another post) and thanks to lots of wonderful new friends, we weren't alone.
Daddy and Noah in front of our little tree
Mommy, Boston, and Noah

Planning a mode of attack

Dear Santa: next year please assemble toys before leaving... (and yes, that IS Matt putting it together... hehehe) 
Digging the work bench Santa brought him- it even has a little piece of wood divided into three pieces, connected with velcro so he can 'saw' it.

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