Monday, July 1, 2013

Paris 2013

We went to Paris (one of my favorite cities) for the weekend while Jade was here. One thing is for sure, Paris is a challenging city to manage with a baby. The Metro is so old there is essentially zero accommodation for handicapped/strollers. We did a lot of walking though and I think we got Jade to most of the major sites. As it happened we were there during the gay pride celebration, which turned our neighborhood into a bit of a rowdy scene. Poor Jade was witness to more than one incident of drunken public urination (both men and women- yikes!).

Bastille Day Monument- this was quite close to where we stayed 


Massive cotton candy- YUM! 
Jade preparing to go in the human hamster ball

In the Metro

Matt made us get A LOT of fallafel
Boat ride on the Seine

Some good work by Daddy
NOT alcoholic... but the can sure looks like it

Jade's first crepe... EVER

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